And I meant that in the least rude and obnoxious way possible. Sooooo, I expanded my design talents to include earrings. The wooden charms are original designs by me. I handmake the earrings with surgical steel grade earring hooks and glass beads. I’m going to make designs shortly so check them out. Thank you!

I also should update this blog more often, but being the broke ass ninja that I am, I’ve been without wifi the past few months due to my neighbor finally putting a password on his shit after many, many moons. But I should be back on the grid in a week or so so get ready for more of my irreverence…




I haven’t written a blog in forever cause I’ve been busy with school, working everyday and generally just being a broke ass ninja, but I had to come back when I saw the 2013 VMAs. This had to be the worst VMAs in fucking history…not that anyone has taken MTV seriously since I was a zygote. But to the point…

Lady Garbage Gaga opened the show with a performance so hilarious, it was like a scene from Spring Breakers. Except that movie wasn’t supposed to be funny either…or was it? I don’t know. The whole performance seemed like an SNL skit…it was so odd it went into the realm of parody. I was half expecting Andy Samberg to appear on stage wearing a black unitard and facepaint…but wait, Gaga’s backup dancers were doing that shit anyway!


Miley Cyrus had to put her stank on everything as usual. She was sticking her tongue everywhere, “twerking” awkwardly and traveling with her usual crew of paid black puppets. This reminds me of when Gwen Stefani used to roll with those Asian slaves all the time.


Drake’s head against a background of blue skies while he sang reminded me of Teletubbies. And of course he went from crooning a emo, techno-ish whiny song to his hit about “starting from the bottom”…does he mean the bottom of a wheelchair ramp? Cause he was on a wheelchair in Degrassi…get it? Hehehe…


The show wasn’t a total bust ’cause I got to see N’Sync make a comeback. That’s every girl who lived through 90s wet dream come alive.



Or would every song by be infinitely more awesome if he and his cohorts would just shut the fuck up?

An instrumental version of his latest hit, “That Power” with the Biebster = good shit.

A sample of’s genius lyricism.

“My name is Willaay/Stay so cool I’m chillaaaay”


Point proven.

If you’re still draining the blood in your ears from Rebecca Black’s annoyingly catchy viral YouTube hit, “Friday,” you ‘re probably not gonna wanna hear this latest one, produced and written by the same random, creepy, middle-aged man. This girl is called Nicole Westbrook and her song isn’t about Friday, but a Thursday…Thanksgiving Thursday to be exact. Lyrics include “thank you, thank you….turkey…mashed potatoes.” Clearly, this man is the most prolific genius of our time.

For those of you who had the (mis)fortune to go to the M83 show last Friday October 26 at Lure in Hollywood, you might have noticed that his DJ set was, how shall I say…devoid of any actual DJ-ing. This fools set sounded like he just put the party shuffle on his iTunes. Not one transition, or even an attempt to mix. Hands down the worst spinning I’ve ever heard by someone who apparently gets paid money to do it.

In this digital age, anyone can compile songs into a list and press play. A real DJ has skill in mixing songs and transitioning between them in a creative and seamless manner. I’d be only slightly annoyed if he just pre-mixed a set and stood up there turning knobs with a fake look of intensity as many an EDM performer is known to do…however to not put any effort whatsoever is straight up appalling!


So M83, please gtfo with that weak shit and go back to France. Maybe all the people there are too buzzed from aged wine and smelly cheeses to notice how shitty you actually are.

That being said I actually had a fun night, surprisingly. Jason Bentley from KCRW was there and he always mixes well. However, I was disappointed that only about 38% of people actually wore costumes, but what can you expect from fucking hipsters…

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Check out a video of Porter Robinson below…


Download Big Sean’s latest mixtape Detroit for free HERE. It’s awesome, full of original beats surprisingly good lyrical content with guest stars like J. Cole and Common. It may be a mixtape, but it has the production quality of an actual LP.

Also check out the new song Clique, again with Big Sean, Kanye West and Jay-Z. The beat is cray (in a good way), the lyrics are mediocre and bunch of people will think it’s about the Illuminati…