Everyone’s heard of the big names and brands, but I’ve decided to occasionally post some of my favorite brands/designers that you may or may not have heard of. They aren’t really underground, just underrated, in my opinion.


Brought to you by those same crazy kids that gave us Urban Outfitters and Anthro. According to it’s website, Leifsdottir is “a sophisticated wholesale apparel line, Leifsdottir debuted in the Fall of 2008. Artistic, timeless and collectible, the Leifsdottir line is eminently wearable, bringing a modern-dressmaker sensibility to life through fine fabrics and tailoring, ornamented with extraordinary details such as unique trims, vintage buttons and beautiful linings.”

Leifsdottir is like a more grown up version of Free People, less quirky than the brands sold at Anthropologie, and much higher quality (in terms of fabric and production) than anything you could ever find at Urban Outfitters. Check it out at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom’s and other fine department stores.

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  1. Latoya said:

    i just bought trouser shorts like this!

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