Hack: Bow ties

A bow tie is old school, adorably nerdy, and wonderfully appropriate at most times. You can rock a bow tie even on casual occasions if you pair it with jeans and Chuck Taylor’s. With bow ties, bright colors are always a must. Get creative; try a polka-dot tie or other patterns.

Even girls can rock the bow tie, as seen with the adorably talented singer, Janelle Monae pictured below. As seen, you can put a twist on the bow tie, by sporting a longer, ribbon-like version.

Wack: Fur

I’m not a member of PETA. I will wear my leather jacket with pride, sorry Pam Anderson. I hate fur for one simple fact: it’s straight fugly. Even faux fur. The past season I saw gorilla/abominable snowman vests and coats make a roaring comeback and all I could do was cry for humanity.

Please say no to this foolishness. Even The Kates: Moss and Bosworth can’t make this atrocity look good.


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