By now, everyone knows that Hannah Montana (aka Miley Virus Cyrus) hits the pipe. While Miley’s peeps have claimed it’s only salvia (LSD in plant-form, except it only lasts 5 minutes and is legal for some reason) some people are saying it’s weed.

After careful deliberation (watching the video once) I conclude that it is indeed, salvia. Not to say that Miley isn’t a pothead (alkie and/or or cokehead too cause she totally looks like it) but I haven’t seen any weed that makes you act as psychotic as Miss Montana was looking in this video.

And to the REAL point: why is this news? That’s like being surprised that a cop ate a donut. Miley Cyrus has been flashing her naughty bits around town for the past 3 or 4 years now. Nothing that girl can do will surprise me anymore. Straight up.

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  1. Bella said:

    You’re hilarious!

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