That women’s fashion sucks apparently. Taken from real dudes. To read all the quotes, click here

Fad Fashion #1: Designer sweats/sweats with words on them

“With words like ‘juicy’ and ‘pink’ on them, it makes me wonder about what message these girls are really trying to send…”

Fad Fashion #2: T-shirts with witty slogans or sayings
“Ninety-five percent of the girls who wear t-shirts that say something like ‘Out Of Your League’ really aren’t, actually. And shirts like these only serve to point that out. As for the other five percent, why rub it in?”

Fad Fashion #3: Leggings
“If you’ve got nice legs, this look can be attractive with a short dress and heels. It says, ‘I know it’s cold out, but I still want to give you guys something to look at.’ That’s just being considerate.”

Fad Fashion #4: Ugg boots
“Wearing these makes you look like you were stuffed into a time capsule in 2003 and just recently woke up. Don’t do it.”


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