I was lucky enough to see an advanced screening of the new movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love” so I thought I’d share my thoughts before you go out to the theaters this weekend.

The film centers around middle-aged, frumpy businessman Cal Weaver (played perfectly by Steve Carell) and his unhappy wife, Emily played by Julianne Moore. When Emily decides to get a divorce, Cal enlists the help of the ultimate player Jacob (Ryan Gosling). While Jacob may be one fist-pump away from being cast on the “Jersey Shore,” (minus the ugly clothes) his douchebaggery works like a charm on the ladies. With Jacob’s help, Cal transforms from a mild-mannered, poorly dressed chump, into a 40-something Rico Suave, but will his new habits interfere with the old love he was trying to win back all along? The movie also stars Emma Stone, Kevin Bacon, Marissa Tomei and randomly Josh Groban, who proves to surprisingly entertaining.


This movie had it all pretty much…laugh-out-loud scenarios, romance, heartfelt emotional drama, awkward moments, and plenty of shirtless Ryan Gosling, if you’re into that sorta thing. My synopsis doesn’t really do the film justice, as there are plenty of interesting subplots, running gags, and even a surprise twist at the end that will keep you entertained from the subtle, yet still hilarious opening scene, to the final showdown near the end.

Directors Glen Ficarra and John Requa did an amazing job of inflicting loads of humor without being over-the-top, and unrealistic.

The only qualm I had was the casting of Emma Stone. She did a great job and was hilarious but she looked way too young for the part. I’m supposed to believe she’s some 26-ish future power attorney, when she looks like that awkward girl that sat next to me in AP English Lit? Ya, right.

The story (guy gets dumped, guy gets makeover, girl wants guy back) may sound a bit cliche and overdone, but trust me its not. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

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