It’s time again for HACK or WACK, where we dissect the latest fashion trends and give them the CSC stamp of approval (HACK) or take ’em to the trash like last week’s pizza (WACK)


Why: Whether you’re a girl or a boy, blazers class up any outfit. Throw one on with a tee or v-neck for a laidback feel. Especially awesome are the ones with a crest or emblem over the pocket…you’ll be as fly as the Fresh prince in no time.


Why: Shorts that are too effin small go by a variety of names…daisy dukes, hot pants, or my personal fave coochie cutters. No matter what you call them they’re straight up retarded. I don’t know when this became trendy, but I’ve seen so many ass cheeks in the past few months that I’ve considered burning my corneas just to spare my sanity. Unless you are a prostitute and you need to wear these to understandably increase your profit margin, put them shits away!

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