Weird shit I saw this weekend…

1. A twenty-something year old female pee her pants and not notice for 5-10 minutes.

2. Producer/DJ/Mad Dacent Label founder Diplo’s baby mama breastfeeding.

3. Three children under age 9 wearing bright yellow muumuu dresses while their purple-haired mother stood nearby.

4. A twelve year old loudly chanting “Party every day!” during a set by Major Lazer.

Just where did I see all these shenanigans? Why The Mad Decent Block Party in L.A. of course! About 10,000 hipsters (and the occasional old Asian lady, toddler, and/or family of hillbillies) packed a fenced-off section of downtown Los Angeles for what had to be the best free event of the year.

There were food trucks, cool waterguns provided by WeSC, free drinks courtesy Sobe, footwear for sale by Native Shoes, and of course, a grip of super-talented DJs and live acts from the Mad Decent record label. Though there was some false advertising (Switch was obviously missing from the “Major Lazer” set) it was an amazingly awesome time and I look forward to next year’s show!

  1. Tiff said:

    Who is his baby mama? What does she look like?

    • i don’t know who she is exactly but shes gorgeous. shes has dark skin and long curly hair, and she’s very thin…she kinda looks like she could be from the caribbean or trinidad or some island type place lol.

  2. Tiff said:

    wow, good for him. i thought she was beat since we never see any pics or hear anything about her. he refers to her in random interviews but that’s it. she should not have had his kid though. i don’t think he’s one woman type of man.

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