Laury Thilleman, Miss France, is not a fan of the new Miss Universe 2011. To be honest, I did not watch this shit cause if I wanted to see a bunch of international hos running around in weaves and bikinis, I’d just watch the latest Lil’ Wayne video. But this lady annoyed me so much I had to post about it.

During a phone interview Miss France, made a bunch of wack comments about the winner Leila Lopes, who represents Angola.

Miss Angola (Source: REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker)

She said the win surprised her because “Miss Angola hardly ever wore makeup and she often wore jeans.” Lopes was also a very reserved kind of person, Thilleman said. So to wrap it up, prissy French lady doesn’t think Miss Angola should’ve won because she’s down-to-earth, humble, and naturally beautiful…ooooookaayyyy…

That dumb beezy Miss France (Source: Reuters)

Sounds like Miss France got some haterade mixed in with her wine and baguette. Instead of bitching about it, get waxed or injected or whatever it is beauty queens do to prepare for victory. Better luck next year!


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