On Sunday I attened THREADShow in San Diego to promote my brand, Carnaby Street Clothing. Since it was my first tradeshow, I didn’t know what to expect but it was awesome. I made sales, got some media exposure, learned a ton, but most importantly I got to connect with potential customers.

As a designer it’s one thing to create something but it’s quite another to see that people are actually willing to spend their hard-earned cash on something you’ve imagined and produced…the feeling is totally unbelievable.

Anyways, the whole day was truly inspiring as I was surrounded by many talented artists who’ve been doing this alot longer than me and were able to give me much-needed advice. I’m taking everything I learned and using it to create a better CSC line when I release new designs over the next few months.

The place was crowded, as you can see

Pics of my lovely models on display

Peeps browsing through my clothes (they bought 2 shirts!)

Giveaway of one of my shirts

Just because it made me laugh…

My clothes on display

My booth…and my feet

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