And of course I’m talking about Jonah Hill’s new cartoon on Fox, “Allen Gregory.” My expectations for this show were not too high, to be honest. Although I love Jonah HIll, I haven’t been entertained by cartoons on Fox since Carson Daly was considered cool.

It centers on the title character, Allen Gregory DeLongpre (voiced by Hill), a pretentious, snide, and general asswipe of a kid and his misadventures trying to adjust to life in public school.

To be honest, this show is definitely not for everyone. Some of the scenarios are just straight up weird (a bit  in the pilot episode where 7-year-old Allen Gregory rubs down his obese, topless, 60-year-old principal in a dream sequence immediately comes to mind). And it’s not politically correct…Allen Gregory’s parents consists of a flamboyantly abusive gay dude and his younger, seemingly hetero partner he coerced into marriage. The humor is rude, offensive, and induces a few WTFs for sure, but if you’re into that sorta thing (like me) then you’ll love it.

Anyways, check out Allen Gregory before it gets canceled, like Fox seems to like to do with most bearable programming. Hey, maybe it can come back on Adult Swim?

CLICK HERE to check out the pilot on Hulu


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