Greetings, homies. It’s that special time of year where people compile long lists of crap they intend to do, but usually don’t, then end up feeling guilty about and hating themselves, and making Pandora stations filled with sad depressing tunes that induce crying…of course I’m talking about the new year’s rezzies. I only have one resolution this year:

Buy shit made here.

I hate to get all America-fuck-yeah on you but supporting American companies not only creates much-needed jobs and stabilizes our fledgling economy, chances are, stuff made here is just better quality than all the junk you get from China. And think of how much better you’ll sleep knowing that your hoodie wasn’t made by a four year old.

People (including me) always complain that it’s so hard to find products actually made here. To thee I say one word: google. I need a new bike. I googled “made in usa bikes” in 1 minute later found an AWESOME website where you can get a totally customized, brand-spankinnew bike made in New York starting $299. That’s like Target prices, straight up. (You can check out Worksman Cycles HERE)

So I encourage my fellow Americans to try to buy products made here. To help out, I’m gonna do a Made In America post every so often to highlight American companies I think you might like.

This will probably be my last pose of 2011, so happy new year people. And to keep with the patriotic spirit of this post, I’ll leave you with a true American classic


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