As promised, I am gonna start posting American brands to encourage people to buy domestically and boost our economy. If you need to deck out your new pad/apartment/basement of your parents house check out Z Gallerie.

Chic Combo: Linear Dining Table + Buffet:

This place has always been a favorite of mine, but I just recently found out that their furniture is made in the good ol’ USA using high quality materials and great aesthteics. If you’re tired of going to your friends places and recognizing that same piece of Ikea fuktorp or whatever the hell Swedish nonsense they got, this place might be your best bet.

Oblong Wall Gear Clock:

In addition to furniture, they sell art, bedding, housewares and just generally cool stuff to take up space in your house. The prices are semi-reasonable…you’re definitely not shopping at Big Lots but it’s not sky high. Plus if you live in the L.A. area you can make the trek to the outlet in Gardena and save up to 75% off the normal prices.

Beware though: Though the furniture is American made, many things (such as art and novelty items) are bought from outside suppliers and are probably mass produced in a Chinese dungeon. But we’re taking baby steps here. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same can be said for an awesome living room.

Stache Straws:



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