It’s about that time where we at CSC dissect the latest style trends and give ’em the thumbs up or throw them in the garbage like yesterday’s Thai takeout.



I’m loving the printed denim this season. Bright colored jeans have been the trend du jour for awhile but I’ve only been seing crazy printed denim the past year or so and it’s awesome. It might be a bit too flamboyant for some people who are denim purists and insist that blue is the only way to go for jeans, but who cares?

Interesting tidbit: The only reason denim was originally blue is because indigo dye was cheap and in surplus at the time jeans were invented. Cotton is white and denim can be dyed ANY color and anyway so add some style to your pants.


No offense but no one needs to be sporting giant headphones unless you’re name is DJ (Insert Clever Moniker) and you’re dropping actual beats at the club.

I’m tired of seeing random teenagers walking around with these things on their head all the time. Really? Are you listening to music while you’re at the movies? I don’t think so…Funny thing is I NEVER have seen someone actually wearing these headphones on their ears. They just drape them around their neck as if to say “Yeah. I paid $200 for some headphones I don’t really need. I’m so cool.” Well newsflash buddy: you’re not.

1 comment
  1. Lahaina said:

    I agree. All these bitches are ROCKIN THEM BEATS. YUP YUP all the damn time.

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