For those of you who had the (mis)fortune to go to the M83 show last Friday October 26 at Lure in Hollywood, you might have noticed that his DJ set was, how shall I say…devoid of any actual DJ-ing. This fools set sounded like he just put the party shuffle on his iTunes. Not one transition, or even an attempt to mix. Hands down the worst spinning I’ve ever heard by someone who apparently gets paid money to do it.

In this digital age, anyone can compile songs into a list and press play. A real DJ has skill in mixing songs and transitioning between them in a creative and seamless manner. I’d be only slightly annoyed if he just pre-mixed a set and stood up there turning knobs with a fake look of intensity as many an EDM performer is known to do…however to not put any effort whatsoever is straight up appalling!


So M83, please gtfo with that weak shit and go back to France. Maybe all the people there are too buzzed from aged wine and smelly cheeses to notice how shitty you actually are.

That being said I actually had a fun night, surprisingly. Jason Bentley from KCRW was there and he always mixes well. However, I was disappointed that only about 38% of people actually wore costumes, but what can you expect from fucking hipsters…


I got a giveaway for all the club rats out there. To enter to win all you gotta do is follow @carnabyclothing on Twitter and/or like Carnaby Street Clothing on Facebook. Winner will be notified tomorrow afternoon. This show has been sold out for weeks and is sure to be a crowd pleaser! The winner will receive a pair of free tickets to the event!


If you already like us or follow us, you’re already entered. And you’re super cool. So congrats on that.

Check out a video of Porter Robinson below…


It’s rare that I get to post about cool parties going down in my current homeland of Orange County. Contrary to what Seth & Summer would like you to believe, this place is not that poppin’ on the party front.

So I’m stoked to see this RVCA party happening tomorrow night in Costa Mesa. Featuring sets by DIm Mak fave Them Jeans as well as others. Best part is, IT’S FREE and there will be FREE RVCA shit too. I’m gonna be there for sure…


PS…this is the most spring-y picture I could find….

For those who happen to be in the area of Hollywoodland this Friday, party it up with Italian beat phenomenon Congorock at the Avalon. If you’re a fan of Major Lazer, Laidback Luke or just electronic music in general, you’ll love him for sure.

Congorock’s, “Babylon,” became a gigantic international club hit and across-the-board festival favorite of everyone from Diplo and Sinden to Tiesto and David Guetta. And If Diplo approves, then we love it too.

Check out the vid for Babylon below.

Tix are just $20 with guestlist. You can RSVP HERE until Friday (11.4) at 5pm for discounted entry.

If you live around the L.A. area and have an extra $20 bucks in your skinny jeans, check out the Culture Collide Festival, running October 6-9. It’s mostly unknowns (the biggest name is Brazilian headliner CSS) but when it comes to electronic music, the more obscure, the often better.

There’s even some fun for the broke-ass folks (like me), with a FREE block party Sunday at the Festival’s closing featuring some of the biggest acts like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Datarock.

Go to TICKETWEB.COM for $20 Wristbands