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Check out a video of Porter Robinson below…



Even if you are a broke ass ninja like me and couldn’t afford to attend round 1 of Coachella over the weekend, chances are you heard about the posthumous, weirdo, futuristic type hologram performance of Tupac at the famed music fest. While a few people were stoked to see their favorite rapper reincarnated on stage, most people were upset, some going as far as to say the hologram was “sacrilege” to Tupac’s actual persona.


I love ‘Pac as much as anyone who spent a decent amount of their life in the 1990s, but honestly I wasn’t that concerned about the performance, as I was about the fucking hologram in general. Is anyone else not frightened by this technology? Of course it seems cool when we’re jamming to holograms of our favorite dead singers’ but what about when this shit crosses the line?

Will I eventually be able I pay to have sex with an eerily life-like Benjamin Franklin hologram for a large sum of dollar bills (with his face on it)…

I joke but honestly this Holopac has got me freaked out. It seems like humanity is getting closer to the eventual day where there will be no need for actual human contact, and we’ll all live in virtual reality like a huge game of Second Life or that one Bruce Willis movie, “The Surrogates.” And trust me, if you haven’t seen that movie, you don’t want to live through it…it’s a pretty shitty movie.

For those who happen to be in the area of Hollywoodland this Friday, party it up with Italian beat phenomenon Congorock at the Avalon. If you’re a fan of Major Lazer, Laidback Luke or just electronic music in general, you’ll love him for sure.

Congorock’s, “Babylon,” became a gigantic international club hit and across-the-board festival favorite of everyone from Diplo and Sinden to Tiesto and David Guetta. And If Diplo approves, then we love it too.

Check out the vid for Babylon below.

Tix are just $20 with guestlist. You can RSVP HERE until Friday (11.4) at 5pm for discounted entry.

If you live around the L.A. area and have an extra $20 bucks in your skinny jeans, check out the Culture Collide Festival, running October 6-9. It’s mostly unknowns (the biggest name is Brazilian headliner CSS) but when it comes to electronic music, the more obscure, the often better.

There’s even some fun for the broke-ass folks (like me), with a FREE block party Sunday at the Festival’s closing featuring some of the biggest acts like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and Datarock.

Go to TICKETWEB.COM for $20 Wristbands

Weird shit I saw this weekend…

1. A twenty-something year old female pee her pants and not notice for 5-10 minutes.

2. Producer/DJ/Mad Dacent Label founder Diplo’s baby mama breastfeeding.

3. Three children under age 9 wearing bright yellow muumuu dresses while their purple-haired mother stood nearby.

4. A twelve year old loudly chanting “Party every day!” during a set by Major Lazer.

Just where did I see all these shenanigans? Why The Mad Decent Block Party in L.A. of course! About 10,000 hipsters (and the occasional old Asian lady, toddler, and/or family of hillbillies) packed a fenced-off section of downtown Los Angeles for what had to be the best free event of the year.

There were food trucks, cool waterguns provided by WeSC, free drinks courtesy Sobe, footwear for sale by Native Shoes, and of course, a grip of super-talented DJs and live acts from the Mad Decent record label. Though there was some false advertising (Switch was obviously missing from the “Major Lazer” set) it was an amazingly awesome time and I look forward to next year’s show!

Kanye West and Jay-Z have started trippin’ over their Watch the Throne tour and it ain’t even started yet…

According to the New York Post, the rappers are “barely speaking” over a dispute over the production values of their tour, which is set to kick off in Detroit on September 22nd.

(Image: Portland Mercury)

Apparently Kanye, wants to be all flashy and drop massive amounts of cash, while Jay-Z, being the ultimate businessman wants to keep costs low. Jay-Z denies the feud however. At a radio interview Monday he said, “Yes, we get on each other’s nerves. We push each other to be greater. Of course, there are times when we’re in the studio and we’re yelling. I would never disrespect that man or put my hands on him.”

Whoa hold up, I thought they were just arguing, now Jay is denying giving Kanye an ass-whooping? I’d pay good money to see that fight…